Chi Energy Products
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Chi Energy Products will:

  • Save money on your grocery bills?
  • Improve the richness and flavor of your wine?
  • Enhance your vehicle for smoother more efficient ride?
  • Sleep better?
  • Vitalize, clear and charge your water?
  • Reduce the toxic impact of electronic devices?

Chi Energy Products are designed with you in mind.  They provide solutions to many of your
challenging issues.  Created using innovative and cutting edge techniques, they have proven their value and efficiency over the last ten years.

Sample Device

 This 2” x 3 ½” sample laminated product does not contain the activating pattern.

Chi Energy Products™ are like the image on your TV, internet or sounds from your radio.  They are all unseen signals that broadcast a message through space and time from a source.  These messages are directed to sell you products, tell a story, and entertain as with music.  With the Chi Energy Products™ the signal is to send a specifically created message to a source for its health and well being.  It may be the food in your refrigerator or pantry, wine or your automobile.  Some is directed to an individual, water or it is intended to enhance a room or product. 

These Chi Energy products could also be described as radionic devices

  The truth is radio, TV, movies, music and conversations are all sending messages to the water in your body.  What signals and messages are you receiving?  Is it for your benefit and highest good or is it designed to get you to buy or use?  

Chi Energy Products™ are built as a multidimensional matrix of design, color and focused intention.  These layers of intentions integrated into this matrix provide the framework that holds the shape power and the Chi Energy.

Examples of some of these products.

Fresh and Vital™ - A Tool to Keep Food Fresher
  •  Increase Shelf Life of Food in Your Refrigerator
  •  Keeping Food Fresher Longer Saves Time
  •  Less Food Waste Saves Money

A study, in 2002, by the U S Dept. of Agriculture and Univ of Arizona found that

the average household disposes of 470 pounds or $600 of food a year

What would that value be in current food prices?

Wine Lover's Delight

Enjoy the Ultimate in Fine Wine

Savor the differences when you use Wine Lover's Delight as it:

"Good wine is a necessity of life for me."  Thomas Jefferson

"It really did make a difference. 
Firstly it was a lot richer, smoother and
we could really taste the flavours more clearly"  -
Dot Struthers - London

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Using Fresh and Vital can give you this results in your fridge
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